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Most advanced I/O pad ring and pin mux management.

I/O Pad Ring and Pin MUX Management

Modern SoC devices typically support multiple static and dynamic operating modes. This can result in thousands of top-level signals that need to be mapped to hundreds of I/O pins according to the target application.

SOCRATES Spinner application manages this increasingly complex area by specifying and auto-generating all of the logic associated with the chip I/O layer.

Your Solution

SOCRATES Spinner App is an award-winning tool that specifies the complete I/O layer, auto-generates multiple design views and enables seamless integration of the I/O fabric with the rest of the system.

SOCRATES simplifies and automates the specification and verification of the I/O subsystem, slashing development schedules, enhancing inter-team communications and virtually eliminating the risk of I/O bugs.


  • Reduced development costs through automation of time-consuming, tedious and error-prone tasks
  • Eliminates I/O bugs with rigorous coherency checks and self-checking testbench
  • Immediate turnaround time for late I/O changes and management of iterative design flow
  • Cost-effective commercial replacement for legacy in-house solutions
  • Enables large-scale reuse of I/O fabric information and accelerated derivative development
  • Guaranteed quality of designs due to correct-by-construction methodology
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