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Industry leading register management application.

Register & Memory Management

SOCRATES Bitwise manages the entire register and memory-map infrastructure for an IP or system, improving inter-team communication, enhancing design quality and greatly reducing workload.

Effective HW/SW integration is one of the biggest challenges facing System-on-Chip (SoC) development teams. Registers and memory-maps are at the heart of the HW/SW interface.

Your Solution

SOCRATES Bitwise App manages HW/SW register, memory-map and interface definitions for IPs, subsystems or SoCs.

SOCRATES provides a single-source specification for register and memory-map information from which all design, verification, software and integration teams auto-generate the views they require, thereby remaining perfectly synchronized at all times.

Bitwise enhances inter-team communications, increases levels of flow automation and significantly reduces development schedules. Bitwise provides a comprehensive environment that supports architectural planning, IP import, IP creation, and view generation.

The result is a complete solution for HW/SW interface management that eliminates an entire category of bugs from your systems.


  • Fast and efficient path to a standardized IP repository
  • Reduced development costs through automation of time-consuming, tedious and error-prone tasks
  • Elimination of bugs due to human error or misalignment between engineering teams
  • Customizable importers and generators to ensure non-disruptive deployment
  • Cost-effective commercial replacement for legacy in-house solutions
  • Efficient IP reuse and accelerated derivative development
  • Low/no risk migration to new flows and standards
  • Guaranteed quality of design views due to correct-by-construction methodology
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