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Customized To Your Needs

Duolog offers professional product customization services for our entire Socrates tool suite. A specially designed API allows full access to Socrates internal database and full flexibility to use scripting languages such as Perl and Python to develop generators, importers and coherency checkers.

Our customization projects typically include RTL generators with VHDL and SystemVerilog for register banks with thousands of connected addresses. These include processor interfaces for the leading analog semiconductor companyís AHB and AXI protocols as well as dedicated testbenches in ëeí/Specman or SystemVerilog. All the generators are specifically tailored for our customer coding and naming conventions. Generated views allow your team access to re-use our exhaustive experience and valuable advice accumulated by our engineering team. These views also provide a starting point for your design to enable faster time-to-market without compromising quality.

Our product customization team is closely involved in the cutting-edge development of SOCRATES applications. The SOCRATES platform has been used to create a variety custom applications for customers. To enquire about creating a custom SOCRATES application, please email:

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