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Ray Bulger

Co-Founder and CEO

Ray was managing director of Silicon and Software Systems (S3) for five years. He was responsible for European and Asian operations. Prior to that he was director of marketing and sales and helped diversify the company’s international customer base. He joined S3 in 1987 and set up several areas of the company’s silicon technology foundation. Previously he spent six years working in the US in Silicon Valley designing IBM mainframes and supercomputers. He holds honors engineering and maths degrees from Trinity College Dublin.

Norman Walsh

Chief Operating Officer

Norman began his career with Silicon & Software Systems in Dublin where he worked with a number of high-profile customers on leading-edge design projects. He later took up a senior engineering and project management position with Toucan Technology, which was subsequently acquired by PMC-Sierra of Vancouver, Canada. Norman has almost 20 years experience in the IC Design industry and has been with Duolog since 2001.

Dave Murray

Chief Technology Officer

Dave was formerly founder and head of Inoru before which he held senior engineering positions in Toucan Technologies and Silicon & Software Systems. He has focusd on SoC automation for most of his career and is regarded as a leader in SoC integration/verification space. He has written and presented several papers on these topics as well as running a blog called Integration Insights. Dave has almost 20 years of industry experience and has an honours BEng degree from the University of Limerick.

Leo Blonk

Vice President of Engineering Development

Leo has over 20 years experience in the development and management of a wide range of software products and projects. He worked for FotoNation managing a multi-site, multi-disciplined team of engineers and researchers developing of advanced image processing software such as face detection and motion blur removal. Previous he worked at Silicon & Software Systems, Electronic Publishing and at Industrial Control Systems in the Netherlands.

Simon Rance

Vice President of Product Marketing

Simon has more than 15 years of experience in the Semiconductor and EDA industries. He held various marketing, business development and sales management positions at Atrenta, Duolog and Beach Solutions. Simon began his career at Nortel Networks and later took up positions at General Electric. Simon holds an honors Bachelor of Science degree in Astrophysics from Cardiff University, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cardiff University.

Brian Clinton

Vice President of Worldwide Product and Customer Support

Brian has worked for almost 20 years in the semiconductor and EDA industries. He has worked for NEC in Japan, TI in France and Parthus/Ceva Technologies. He has authored numerous conference papers and has been granted US patents. Brian holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and electronic engineering, a master’s degree in electronic engineering from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Cesar Matias

General Manager of Integration Services

Cesar has over 12 years of industry experience having worked in many different positions from IC design and verification to project management and sales. In 2007 he was a consultant at NXP in The Netherlands, where he drove a company wide change management project within the IP Quality Improvement Program. Previously he worked for National Semiconductor in Finland and Chipidea in Portugal in various design and verification roles. He holds an honours engineering degree from The University of Manchester, UK.

Mike Smith

Product Manager

Mike spent 5 years designing FPGA, discrete and analogue subsystems for instrumentation tape recording equipment before moving on to 5 years ASIC design of embedded ARM and DSP microcontrollers. Building on his experiences at board and chip level, design and integration, he joined a start-up EDA company that was one of the first to offer commercial design meta-data management and auto generation products. Finally he moved to Duolog where he is currently responsible for Socrates product management.

Niamh Reidy

Financial Controller

Niamh started her career with Allied Irish Banks. From there, she moved to California where she worked for Thomas A. Roberts, Inc., Consulting Engineers. Niamh was responsible for all financial matters during a period of rapid expansion, when the company grew from 4 to 48 employees. Niamh later returned to Ireland and was part of the founding team of Duolog Technologies in 1999. Niamh brings over 25 years of financial experience to the table.

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